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About Us

Founded in 2016, Talent Gap is a Washington State Certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE). We specialize in working with startups and emerging growth firms and have a firm understanding of what is needed to scale your workforce.  Your success is our priority, and our recruiters are provided the support and resources needed to succeed at every turn, allowing them to fill your open positions quickly and accurately.


A human approach to talent acquisition. We go beyond looking at keywords on a resume or in a job description and build relationships with both employers and job seekers. Taking the time to understand the needs and goals of employers and potential employees helps us to find the best fit solution.


As a true champion for equal pay initiatives and fair treatment to all candidates, we believe a diverse workforce is essential to finding top-talent and untapped potential, and help companies meet their goals and obligations for an inclusive workplace.

Our Founder & CEO

We all need someone we can turn to, for advice and counsel. Over Chrissy's 20+ year career in Talent Acquisition, she is most passionate about bringing people together and being part of that journey. Her heart has always been to help those in need - both candidates and clients!

Chrissy takes a personal approach to recruitment, building a true partnership with both employers and job seekers, leading to the right candidates for the position and the corporate culture.  She is a champion of the diverse workforce, supporting equal pay initiatives, and an inclusive workplace.

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