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Client Services

At Talent Gap, we take recruiting personally. We take the time to understand your needs as a business, partner with you for the long term, and deliver the perfect-fit candidates that will drive your business forward. 

Need to scale quickly? That’s our specialty. We offer deep experience working with startups and emerging growth firms so you can get teams up and running swiftly. As a provider of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Contingency Recruitment services, we fill that “gap” in recruiting that companies often face when they need to move quickly and hire expertly.

Successful company with happy

A hiring approach that puts people first

What you can expect when working with us...

  • Competitive pricing

  • Dedicated resources and personalized service

  • Project transparency from start to finish

  • Long-term focus on finding the best results for today and tomorrow

  • Deep knowledge of diversity standards and compensation equity for    compliance and diversity success

  • Support for equal pay initiatives to ensure fair and unbiased treatment for candidates

  • Right-fit candidates that meet skills requirements and culture considerations

Getting those perfect-fit placements

At Talent Gap, we have dedicated, smart, and motivated recruiters who work for your company, under your direction. We help your organization scale quickly, ensuring your team has the tools and resources necessary to drive success. 

Contingency Recruitment Services

Our team of recruiters will act fast to present fully screened candidates for your direct-hire positions. With our extensive candidate networks at work, you can depend upon us to find a hidden talent that is the ideal fit for your organization.


  • Human Approach to Recruiting

  • Diversity & Inclusion Driven

  • Ethical & Transparent

  • Influential & Responsible

  • Thought Leadership

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